Curriculum Vitae


•      Name: Anissa Algara, Beni MSc.

•      Date of birth: 12-12-1989  (29 years)

•      Place of birth: Paramaribo, Suriname

•      Nationality: Surinamese

•      Gender: Female

•      Country of residence: Suriname

•      Phone number: +5978848665

•      Email address: [email protected]





·         Federal University of Santa Maria (Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil).


Program: Master in Pharmacology.

Research area: Pharmacology of oxidative processes.

Project title: Effect of Annatto carotenoids on erythrocyte fragility and antioxidant status in vitro and ex vivo (Clinical research).

Date: 2017-2019.

Dissertation: Successfully defended on August 30th, 2019.

Academic title obtained: MSc in Pharmacology.



·         Advanced Teachers Training Institute


Program: Biology.

Date: 2010-2014.

Graduated in 2014

Degree obtained: Teacher’s Degree in Biology (teaching license for secondary education).



·         Basic knowledge and skills on network development (Ministry of sports and youth affairs). Certificate.


·         Public relations and information (Academy for Arts and Cultural Education , AHKCO). Certificate.

Work Experience

2017 –                         Federal University of Santa Maria – Integrated Center for Laboratory

September 2019      Analysis Development (NIDAL), Department of Food Technology and



Position: Pharmacologist in training.



§  Clinical project development: planning and execution of ex vivo (dietary supplementation with annatto food coloring extracts followed by statistical analysis.

§  Testing different methodologies for analyzing red blood cells’ osmotic resistance.

§  Analysis of red blood cell responses in different percentages of sodium chloride.

§  Peer review (Research group’s submission articles).



§  Demonstrated that dietary supplementation with annatto food coloring formulations attenuates experimentally induced hemolysis and oxidative modification of lipids in erythrocytes, by improving the erythrocyte antioxidant status. Bixin had a greater antihemolytic effect than norbixin and could be explored for the development of functional foods or novel therapeutic drugs for patients with hemolytic anemia associated with oxidative stress mechanisms.



§  Prof. Dr. Tatiana Emanuelli


Institute: Federal University of Santa Maria

Position: Full professor at the Department of Technology and Food Science, Center for Rural Sciences.

E-mail: [email protected]








2019 –                         CACTUS Communications – Scientific communication services

August 2019             Position : Freelance editor


Objectives :

§  Editing and reviewing academic English writing.

§  Edit manuscripts such that the final text is in standard scientific English and is free of unclear or unidiomatic sentences.

§  Adhere to job-specific guidelines and format manuscripts according to the target journal when required.

§  Understand client and industry requirements and adapt your working approach accordingly.

§  Meet deadlines (which are driven by client deadlines).


2016 –                         Ministry of Education, Science , and Culture

February 2017 Position: Health, Safety, and Environment teacher at a school for

Intermediate Vocational Education.



§  Preparing classes and teaching students about safety measures and precautions to make during practical lessons or work.

§  Discussing environmental issues and the students’ impact on his/her environment.

§  Evaluate the student’s progress through written tests, oral exams, and presentations.


2015-                          Pacific Trading Company

October 2016           Position:  Medical representative infant nutrition and supplements



§  Medical detailing.

§  Product training for a sales team.

§  Planning and executing marketing campaigns for different food products.


2014-                          Nestlé Caribbean Incorporated (NCI)

March 2016               Contracted by Hem Suriname

Position:  Nestlè Medical delegate


2012 –                         Algemene Televisie Verzorging ATV

January 2017            Position: TV-show host (Whazzupp: entertainment program)



§  Problem solving

§  Critical thinking

§  Analytical thinking

§  Evaluation skills

§  Open to feedback

§  Eagerness and capacity to learn

§  Seeking personal growth and development

§  Excel in separating emotion from rationality




Other activities
§  Scientific initiation training for undergraduates (international bachelor students).

§  Former Volunteer at Green Heritage Fund Suriname.

§  Former UNFPA/YAG Suriname member- United Nations Population Fund Suriname.

§  Youth Ambassadors Clerk-Ministry of sports and youth affairs.





Language skills

C2 level Proficient

(EF SET Certificate)
C2 level Proficient

(EF SET Certificate)
Advanced level

(Celpe-Bras certificate)
Advanced level

(Celpe-Bras certificate)
Basic skills
Basic skills
Basic skills

(A1 level certificate)
Basic skills

(A1 level certificate)


Federal University of Santa Maria

February 2017- August 2019 Master's degree in Pharmacology